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A Pakistan based, SCAFA trained and certified chef, restaurateur, professional recipe developer, cookbook/ articles author and the owner of Crave Your Cravings

Food has been my passion ever since I gained enough consciousness to develop a liking towards different hobbies and activities. Experimenting new techniques, methods and ingredients to create the most delicious recipes has always been my preferred past-time.

With time, I turned my passion into my profession. After completing my formal education in the field of education, I transitioned to my formal culinary career by enrolling in SCAFA – one of the most respected and acclaimed culinary institutes in Pakistan.

Currently, Crave Your Cravings is serving in multiple cities all across Pakistan, offering delicious homemade food items prepared from the best recipes. I share all my recipes online on my blog as well to help home cooks enjoy  the most exciting meals. Take a look around! I hope you will find something interesting!


Our Recipes

Crave Your Cravings has always focused on making the process of exquisite food creation simple, easy and doable for everyone. Our approach towards spreading the culinary proficiency brought us into the creation and publication of high-end, delicious and easy to cook recipes that can be used anywhere and everywhere.

All recipes we share are tried and tested multiple times, both by our team members and test groups to ensure that they are simple, yet delicious. Additionally, all homemade recipes are personally prepared by Chef Fiza Ali Barq to ensure a flavorful and delectable culinary experience to our community.

Finally, we believe in homemade recipes that every home cook can try out and share with their loved ones. Therefore, we provide considerable guidance on the different tricks and tricks to for best recipe replication through our blog as well.

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Our Bakery/ Restaurants

During our early culinary career, our team noticed that the availability of homemade recipes has increased an interest amongst the customers for high-end, homemade food items being services at fancy restaurants. Naturally, both these ideas don’t fit well together: a restaurant has to fast-track food production, while homemade recipes require love, affection and consideration for each product.

Therefore, our team decided to find a harmony between the two: the Crave Your Cravings Bakery and Restaurants! We have translated our best, delicious recipes into fine dining food items that are available at our restaurants, bakeries and home delivery services. Each delectable food product is prepared according to the best professional standards, offering a great experience to our customers. We believe not only in the best food items, but also in the best food experience as a whole for our customers.

Currently, we are expanding our services rapidly, creating new food outlets in many different places. Check out our shop section to determine if we operate in your area today!

Mission, Vision, & Core Competencies

Our mission is to provide the best recipes and homemade food products to a global array of customers.
We focus, in the long-term, to create a platform that offers the best, unique and memorable culinary adventure to anyone who becomes associated with Crave Your Cravings.
Our core competencies focus on the uniqueness of our approach, our resilience to provide excellent customer service and our direction towards a new direction in how food is treated and considered in terms of an experience to remember forever!

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Cookbooks may be general, or may specialize in a particular cuisine or category of food. Recipes in cookbooks are organized in various ways. Recipes in cookbooks are organized in various ways.


I have eaten at many bakeries, restaurants, and other food outlets globally. However, the delicious recipes used by Crave Your Cravings team are top-notch and exquisite, well beyond others. I genuinely recommend everyone to try their homemade recipes out. It's an experience you won't forget, indeed.

Our Coaching Services

Crave Your Cravings realizes the importance of proper culinary trainings for home cooks and chefs alike. However, in most areas, the opportunities for such training and coaching are limited. Therefore, we are working on starting an initiative soon where high-end coaching services can be provided to culinary enthusiasts under the exceptional guidance of Chef Fiza Ali Barq to create the most wholesome, delicious and tasty recipes.

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Press Coverage

Our high-quality, homemade recipes and food products have regularly been featured on and covered by numerous press outlets, the media and social media influencers. Consider some of our coverage details below.


26 April, 2020

35 Protein-Packed Vegetarian


26 April, 2020

35 Protein-Packed Vegetarian


26 April, 2020

35 Protein-Packed Vegetarian

Check Out Our Best Recipes!

Although we have published multiple delicious recipes over the years, the following twelve are our personal favorites, and have received great reviews from our community. Check out these easy homemade recipes below!