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Do you have any queries or questions about our homemade recipes, food items, business collaborations or any other aspect? Don’t worry! Our team is always present to help you out. Leave us a message today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Collaborations and Business Partnerships

    Do you require our professional services? Our team can work with you over recipe development, training programs, promoting your brand, event management and much more. However, our team works selectively with brand partners and collaborators based on a range of factors. Our criteria involve the business ethics, practices and values of the brand in question.  We are selective with the brands we partner with, so please make sure that our values are aligned.

    Contact our brand management team today and let us discuss the best route for future work!

    Food Department

    Often, customers require detailed information about our food items, restaurants and bakeries. We understand that, as a conscious customer, you may have certain questions about our products. Our team is always open to answering any such concerns. However,  we do keep the discretion to avoid answering any question that can compromise the business.

    Furthermore, questions related to food delivery issues and availability of our food products in different regions is also dealt by the food department.

    Concerns related to different home made recipes can be discussed with the food department as well!

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    30-day Healthy meal plan & guide

    Cookbooks may be general, or may specialize in a particular cuisine or category of food. Recipes in cookbooks are organized in various ways. Recipes in cookbooks are organized in various ways.


    Here are a few common questions related to contacting our firm answered  in detail. Please go over them in detail before placing your query.

    How much time do we take to reply to a contact message?

    Our team is available 24/7 to check the queries and find the most suitable answers for the issues/ queries. However, due to the considerable workload and the number of queries coming in regularly, we are usually able to reply to your query within 1-2 business days.

    Do we respond to all emails?

    Yes! Our team replies to all the emails received. If you have not received the reply within 1-2 business days, please check your spam folder/ junk folder. If you still don't find a response, please send your message again directly at our email or through the contact form above.

    Do we have a US/ UK phone number for contact?

    Currently, as we are based in Pakistan, we don't have access to a US/ UK based phone number to respond to phone queries. However, we are working on gaining a toll-free US/UK phone number soon to offer you better services.

    Do we write blogs other than recipes?

    Yes! We write many blogs on tips and tricks related to cooking homemade recipes, creating delicious home food items and other related topics in the culinary niche. You can check our blog page for more information on our most recent blogs.

    Are orders delivered every day?

    Yes! We deliver homemade food item orders every day, and there is no break on holidays/ Saturday/ Sunday. Plus, we have special deals and offers that are offered on special occasions as well. You can always confirm if we are delivering by contacting our support number +92 336 753 2264.

    Do we cater special requests for different recipes on our blog?

    Yes! You can send your request through email if you want us to develop a special type of recipe for our readers and community. Our team will try its best to provide the required recipe as soon as possible. Each recipe is worked upon until we feel its perfect and well-suited to our community.

    Can our contact emails be used if there is an issue with the order you received?

    It is highly recommended that issues with the orders are discussed through the procedure mentioned on our refund policy page. Contacting on the contact emails listed on this page may not result in a successful response in such issues. Therefore, prefer using the formal method for refunds that has been described in the refund section of the website.

    Can our team be contacted for permission to copy the recipes/ blogs on our website?

    No! Our team has a strict no copy policy. Everything on the site is copyrighted. Such permission will not be granted, and no contact should be made seeking such permissions.

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