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The Service is operated under these Terms and Conditions, and it forms the agreement between the Company and You, including the Service’s use. All use of the Service is conditioned on the automatic acceptance and compliance of the Terms. It applies to anyone who accesses, uses, visits or does anything related to the Service. You agree to these Terms by using the service. In case there is any disagreement with any part of the Terms, You must leave the site immediately. The site is accessible by anyone over 18 years old under these Terms. You must comply with the Privacy Policy and other policies automatically as well when using this Service.

Outside Website Links

Any outside website links present on Our Service are not under our Control. Therefore, we have no control on the policies of these platforms. The Company is not liable for any alleged or real loss occurring from these services. This limitation applies to both direct and indirect liabilities. It is strongly advised that the terms and conditions of these outside platforms must be read before using their services.


Access to the Service for You can be terminated or suspended at any time without any liability or prior notice for any reason. Breaching these Terms and Conditions is one of those reasons. The access will cease immediately upon termination.

Limitation of Liability

No liability will fall on our Service or Company for any losses or damages incurred of any kind. This limitation applies to incidental, special, consequential or indirect/ direct damages that include, but are not limited to, business interruption, loss of information, damage to profits, privacy issues, personal injury or any third-party related damage. Even if such damages are advised or suggested, no liability falls on our Company or Service.


The provision of the Service is on the “AS AVAILABLE” and “AS IS” basis, which means no warranty is provided of any kind for any defects or faults in the Service, Company or any Affiliates. No undertaking or warranty is provided and there is no representation by the Company for the Service. It means no express or implied warranty of any kind is guaranteed.

Legal Governance

All legal provisions of the Country will be apply to the use of the Service, and the Terms and Conditions.

Resolution of Disputes

You agree to resolve any disputes through direct contact with the Company only. However, the Company is under no compulsion to oblige mediation or arbitration or any kind.

Translation and Interpretation

In any case, the interpretation and translation for the Terms and Conditions intended by the Company will be followed. The English text will be followed only.

Changes to Term and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions can be changed by the Company at any time, without any prior contact or notice. You agree to any revisions or changes to the Terms and Conditions by using the Service. If there is any thing you disagree with, please stop using the Service.


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