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Looking for professional culinary services?

Try working with Crave Your Cravings!

We specialize in providing multiple culinary services, including recipe development, chef coaching, food photography, food videos, sponsorships and brand photography, and much more!

Over the years, Crave Your Cravings has developed a considerable network of services in the culinary world. For us, offering a complete range of culinary and related services is a matter of pride and satisfaction.

Our team can collaborate with you on any of the services we offer. Consider contacting us today to get further information about our products, services and offers.

The Main Services We Offer

Apart from homemade food items and delicious, quality food recipes, we offer a range of other culinary services as well! Please consider the services offered below and contact us if you are interested in them!

Food/ Chef

High Quality
Food Photography

Brand Deals
And Promotion

High Quality
Food Videos

Video Samples

Photos and video sell your recipes. Don’t let a delicious recipe go to waste with a lack of visual oomph!

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Our Food Photography Samples

Gorgeous food photographs are the best way to promote your cuisine, recipes, food products, food outlets and restaurants. Check out some of our high-quality food photography samples below.


Crave Your Cravings has become my platform of choice when searching for easy recipes online. It offers the best recipes that I can cook at home without any trouble. My children are in love with their high-quality, delicious recipes.


Check out the most commonly asked questions about working with us on different types of professional services that we provide in the culinary and related niches.

Do we train chefs from scratch?

Yes! Our team has been working for the past few years in professional coaching sector, training home cooks into successful chefs every year. Our program involves an intensive training schedule combined with a plethora of resources to help bring out the inner chef hidden deep inside aspiring home cooks. We offer our courses from time to time, and list them usually on our website's dedicated courses page.

Do we form supply deals with brands and large-scale commercial consumers?

Yes! Crave Your Cravings is always eager to cater to both one-off requests and form long-term deals with commercial clients. Our team can supply our high quality homemade food products in bulk quantity for any purpose or requirement. Additionally, we offer event catering services as well for both formal and informal events.

What equipment should be used to try our recipes?

We have a dedicated section on our website that mentions some of the most recommended equipment for our recipes. Each recipe has a set of affiliate links as well suggesting the most suitable equipment to purchase. You can use the recommended equipment to cook our delicious recipes at home.

Can you provide a complete and comprehensive package for your professional services?

We are always eager to work out a deal with our clients. Therefore, our team is looking forward to find ways to accommodate all your requests. In case you need multiple services, feel free to contact us and strike a custom deal/ package for your requirements.

What kind of food photography and video services do we provide?

We offer a range of food photography and video services based on the requirements of the clients. Generally, the services include step-by-step food recipe photography/ video, photography of final food items for menu, e-commerce store food photography/ video and much more. Contact our team today to get an overview of our food photography/ video services, discuss your requirements and get a quote!

Can we help you develop a new recipe?

Yes! Our team can work with you on your recipe development and guide you on the process. Plus, we can suggest the best ingredients to use and the most viable equipment to help you create delicious recipes.

Do we offer samples of our food items?

Samples are not guaranteed. If our team believes that a client is long-term and can offer us a bigger order in the future, we are happy to oblige the request of samples. However, such samples are only offered after prior payment for part of the complete deal. For one-off purchases, no samples are offered.

What is the best way to reach Fiza Ali Barq?

You can always leave Chef Fiza a message on her personal Instagram account, and she usually replies to all the messages every few days. If you need any professional help, contact her at

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